Conformis Knee Replacement

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Conformis Knee Replacement

What is a Conformis knee replacement?

Your Best Knee Replacement Solution Should Be Individualized.

Custom-made no longer applies to only furniture, vehicles, or accessories. Designed and crafted specifically for your body and lifestyle, the new standard for your knees is the highly successful Conformis knee implant.

From cyclists, marathon runners, salsa dancers, golfers, and other top athletes, getting back to an active lifestyle with Conformis implants (with more energy and pep than ever before) is a breeze.

How does Conformis work? Advanced 3D imaging technology is combined with the latest manufacturing methods so each and every implant is unique. There’s no “one size fits all” here.

Dr. Craig Mines is one of the few orthopedic surgeons in Georgia who is trained to offer and perform Conformis knee replacement.

Key benefits of Conformis:

Matching every angle and curve of your natural knee, Conformis allows Dr. Mines to work his magic and deliver the best outcome for knee replacement surgery.

  • A custom, individualized knee based on your anatomy.
  • Aligned to both of your knee joint lines, which often vary in height.
  • Optimal bone preservation of your natural knee so it stays strong and healthy
  • Conformis knees result in quick recovery times and there is less blood loss and pain.
  • Partial knee replacement and total knee replacement.

Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery
Dr. Mines now offers same day joint replacement surgeries to his patients. Same day joint replacement utilizes the latest advancements in techniques and technologies, and will soon be the standard of care for joint replacement surgeries. Medicare and most insurance will cover the surgery, and most patients are excellent candidates for the procedure.