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Five Questions To Ask your Orthopaedic Surgeon

Are you Board Certified?

Yes, Dr. Mines is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons as well as an active Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

How long will I be out of work after surgery?

No one patient is the same. Each patient reacts and recovers at different rates following a surgical procedure. Our team will listen to you and provide you with a post-surgical plan prior to your surgery

How soon can I drive after surgery?

We do not comment on driving, however there are some things to consider. You must never drive while taking pain medication or any type of medication that inhibits your reaction time. If you feel you are ready to drive we suggest you take your car to an empty space and make sure you can stop your car effectively at a moderate rate of speed emergently (for example, can you stop your car if a child/animal was to run out in the street in front of you).

When will I have surgery, do you perform surgery in the office?

We do not perform surgery in the office. Surgeries are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday. Typically Dr. Mines performs inpatient surgeries on Tuesday, and outpatient procedures on Thursday. Surgeries are performed at Eastside Medical Center, Northeast Georgia Barrow Hospital, and Piedmont Walton Hospital.

Do we perorm MRIs and CT scans in the office?

We have the ability to perform X-Rays in the office. We refer out to various local facilities for both MRIs and CT scans. If the doctor refers you to an outside facility the facility will prior authorize your test with your insurance company, and let patients know the costs involved of the test.

Do you run on schedule?

We try to adhere to the schedule, however being an orthopaedic surgeon emergencies do occur. Dr. Mines and Lytle do not rush through patient appointments, regardless of if they are running behind. They pride themselves on giving each patient the time and attention that they deserve.