Anterior Hip Replacement

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What is Anterior Hip Replacement?

Less Pain, Faster Recovery, And A Speedy Return Back To The Active Life You Love.

Imagine this scenario. You can walk again the same day of your successful hip surgery. One or two days later, you’re practically sashaying right back out those hospital doors. A few weeks later, you’re back to living your best life and doing all the things you love.

Sound ideal? You’re in luck because that’s exactly what anterior hip replacement will do for you.

Dr. Craig Mines is one of the only orthopedic surgeons to offer a kinder, gentler approach for those looking for hip replacement surgery in Georgia. The anterior approach to hip replacement is an advanced surgical technique on the front of the hip, rather than on the side or back.

This method uses muscle sparing strategies to reduce muscle trauma so you can get back to morning strolls, grocery runs, or your favorite sport in no time.

Key benefits of an anterior hip replacement:

Unlike traditional hip replacement surgery, the anterior approach for a hip replacement is far less invasive to the pelvis muscles or femur. Almost immediately, you’ll be able to freely bend your hips again or bear a comfortable amount of weight on the area.

  • A decreased risk of hip dislocation
  • A smaller incision hence less visible marks
  • A fast hip recovery time and less time spent in the hospital
  • Back on your feet and walking again just like you used to
  • No postoperative precaution